This Is Me!

Hello all, I’m Kelsi! I’m a sophomore pre-nursing student in Texas. I love my boyfriend, baking, movies, animals, and not brain tumors – lol! I’m a big talker and a bigger writer, which is why we’re both here. I enjoy video games, books, and anything incredibly nerdy. And I do mean anything. Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, LOTR, try me.

God is my rock, my family is my warm hearth, and my boyfriend is my oak, though maybe I’m the oak now. I’m an accomplished baker, and not shy about it, and will gladly serve up a slice of pie if I’m asked sweetly enough. I’m not very good about talking about myself, so this is all I can give you right now, though I promise to add more later.

Just remember, a cheerful heart is the best medicine! Please support me with all the cheerful hearts and positive thoughts and prayers you can spare! ❤